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All-natural hemp extracts and nutritious essential oils. Just as nature intended.


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Full-spectrum & pure CBD tinctures are taken sublingually and offers wellness support.

CBD Gummies

Gummies, chocolates and Night Gels with CBN. All extra-strength with 40mg or more each piece.


Pure CBD Isolate & Extracts

The perfect ingredient to make your own CBD tinctures, edibles or smoothies.


Topical Cannabinoids

Topical Relief Sticks and Gels with 400mg to 1200mg of CBD and new with CBG (and more...)

CBD + CBG + CBC 510 Vape Carts

Our 510 vape carts are crystal resistant with a potent blend of Full Spectrum CBD, CBG & CBC.


Premium Cannabinoid oils

CBG is known as the "mother" cannabinoid & CBN known for sleep benefits. Explore our CBG & CBN products now.

Purity CBD Capsules

Convenient gel capsules with 25mg each of pure CBD oil. 800mg CBD total in each bottle.


CBN+Melatonin Softgels

300mg of CBN & melatonin in convenient softgels. 10mg CBN & 5mg melatonin in each capsule.


Pet CBD for dogs & cats

Pet CBD is a blend of hemp seed oil with pure CBD, rich in cannabinoids & Omega fatty acids.


Protect w. CBDA & CBGA

RARE Cannabidolic Acid & Cannabigerolic Acid oils and isolates offer natural protection.


CBD+CBG Softgels

1500mg of CBD and CBG – extra strength 50mg softgels pack a potent cannabinoid punch.


FOCUS Terpene Blend

Natural terpene blends can be added to our cannabinoid oils and extracts to enhance the overall effect and potency.

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